A big thanks to the Yummy Yummerson Blog for their review of Crawford Gallery Café

The Crawford Gallery Cafe is located, as you might have guessed it, in the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork City. If you don't know where to find it, it is on Emmet Place which is just around the corner from the Opera house/ at the top of Opera Lane/ very near Academy Street or Paul Street - whatever gets you there quicker.

I had never ventured here but had always heard such lovely things about the gallery itself, the cafe, and even events like weddings taking place here. What pushed me to go was a very intricate conversation with a family member about where had the best Eggs Benedict in Cork. She voted here and I in turn had to see what the fuss was about. You know, for, ahem, the websites purposes. Not my utter love for Eggs Benedict, and well let's be honest, food in general.

We popped in early on a Saturday (they open at 8.30 AM Monday to Saturday) and it was quiet in there, but we weren't the only diners as people were coming and going for the hour we sat.

Service was great. Lovely friendly staff. The menu was nice and simple but with good options, and a informative note at the bottom giving details of where their locally sourced produce are from. Kanturk Bacon, Roscarbery Sausages & Puddings, Pana Bread, O'Briens Eggs and Frank Hederman Smoked Salmon. So you can support your local businesses while enjoying a tasty meal at the same time. Win Win!

We had two coffees, two eggs Benedict and then a french toast to share. My excuse was it was Saturday at 9am and we had to try out something different on the menu. The eggs Benedict was delicious with perfectly cooked eggs, crunchy bread, and a creamy hollandaise sauce. I think I may agree with my fellow food lover family member on this being the best Benedict in Cork.

The French Toast was fantastic. I want to say "massive" in true Cork form. The brioche was second to none and is what brioche should taste like. On top was maple syrup, crispy bacon and a yogurt of some sort which cut through the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the syrup perfectly. I may have to start a 'best french toast in Cork' thread after finding this one.

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